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Choose Your Own Magickal Herbs Kit

Choose Your Own Magickal Herbs Kit

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Are you interested in incorporating new herbs into your spell work?

Moon Mysticraft offers an exquisite collection of ethically and environmentally sourced herbs, botanicals and powders that are rare, unique, and beautiful, perfect for your ritual work, crafts and spells.

Our sampler packs are small yet powerful and make an excellent addition to your Witch's cabinet! Each package contains enough material for a few spells or works and is an ideal way to acquaint yourself with new magickal materials.

Why not create your own herbal kit?
• Choose from quantities of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 50 
• Check the herbs you want from the list below.
• Please avoid duplicates and choose only one of each item.
• Bags contain 8g/0.28oz unless specified
• All items are packaged in 3x4" re-closable bags and sealed for freshness.

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