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Fluorite Obelisk

Fluorite Obelisk

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This Fluorite Obelisk is a beautiful and unique piece of natural mineral that stands at approximately 1.25 inches in height. The obelisk shape is characterized by a narrow, tapered top that widens towards the base, resembling an ancient Egyptian monument.

Fluorite is a mineral that is known for its wide range of colors and therapeutic properties. It is believed to promote bone health, aid in organ function, improve dexterity and balance, boost self-worth, and stimulate new ideas and inspiration. Each piece of fluorite is distinct in its coloring and inclusions, adding to its individuality and uniqueness.

As a natural material, this Fluorite Obelisk may have flaws such as variations in coloring, inclusions, size, and shape, which only add to its charm and character. This makes each obelisk a one-of-a-kind piece that is perfect for display or use in meditation and healing practices.

Includes one 1"-1.5" Tall Fluorite Obelisk
*Please Note: Crystals may not be exactly as shown

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