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Magic And Witchcraft: An Illustrated History

Magic And Witchcraft: An Illustrated History

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From ancient Greece and Rome to the birth of the New Witchcraft, the history of this enthralling subject is skillfully told in this richly illustrated full-colour hardback. Witchcraft was once used to influence the unpredictable aspects of life such as crops, health and livestock protection. With people feeling powerless against ill fortune, it became easy to blame malevolent magic and the figure of the witch. Witchcraft today is a benevolent religion that is unrelated to the historic fantasy, but which often employs ancient magical techniques such as poppets and charms. This fascinating history enables the reader to see the timeline for how magic and witchcraft - and perceptions of it - has developed over the centuries. Pub Date: 2022 Format: Hardback Pages: 256 pp. Size: 11.00 x 9.00 in ISBN: 9781839402296
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