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Zodiac Crystal Intention Set - 4 Pack | Pisces

Zodiac Crystal Intention Set - 4 Pack | Pisces

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These Zodiac Crystal Intention sets feature 4 large tumbled crystals that correlate with each Astrology Sign and ready to gift in a contemporary clear presentation box!

Every set contains 4 large crystals that correspond with each birth sign allowing each astrological sign to successfully channel their energy, promote well being and focus on their intentions. Each gemstone is labelled or identified with suggested intentions to guide you on your manifestation journey.

Pair your Crystal Set with a Crystal Grid for a beautiful gift to give yourself or a loved one celebrating a birthday!

Select your desired Zodiac Crystal Intention set from the dropdown menu. Each set sold Separately.


Characteristics: Empathetic, Courage, Loving, Compassionate, Intuitive, Dream, Imaginative, Sensitive

Crystals: 1 Fluorite, 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Moonstone, 1 Green Aventurine.

*PLEASE NOTE: Since stones and crystals are natural products created by Mother Earth, they may have slight differences in appearance and color. These variations are expected and makes each stone unique and distinct in their characteristics.



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