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Black Altar Brooms | 6- 7” Tampico

Black Altar Brooms | 6- 7” Tampico

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Introducing our Mini Black Altar Brooms, are a beautiful addition to any sacred space and made with the purity of natural materials. These compact brooms are not only functional but also versatile, allowing you to extend their use to ritual and energy work.

Natural and Non-Toxic
Crafted from natural Tampico fibers and dyed with a non-toxic formula, these mini altar brooms prioritize both your spiritual and physical well-being. The gentle, natural Tampico fibers make them suitable for smudging, rituals and energy work practices.

Preservative-Free Purity
These brooms are free from preservatives in the dye, ensuring natural and authentic craftmanship. Please be aware that while this choice allows for a more wholesome product, some fading may occur if the brooms are left in direct sunlight.

Caring for Your Besom
To maintain the integrity of your mini altar brooms, it's important to note that they may bleed if exposed to excessive moisture. Keep them in a dry environment to preserve their dark and enchanting appearance. As a natural material, variations in color, especially in black, are normal and part of the authentic, non-toxic dyeing process.

Handmade Legacy
Embrace the essence of tradition with these handmade mini altar brooms, crafted and rooted in a rich ancestral history. Each broom is infused with a unique energy, connecting you to a lineage of wisdom and craft.

Elevate your sacred rituals with the Mini Black Altar Brooms, where tradition, natural beauty, and functionality converge to enhance your spiritual journey.

Please note, due to their handmade nature, each besom broom varies slightly in appearance, including color and height. This ensures that your besom is as unique as your spiritual practice. As a result, the brooms you receive may differ in appearance from what is shown in photos.

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