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Cobwebber Brooms | Blue & Lavendar

Cobwebber Brooms | Blue & Lavendar

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Introducing our enchanting Cobwebber Brooms in a captivating blend of Blue and Lavender – a harmonious fusion of color and craftsmanship that brings a touch of magic to your cleaning rituals.

Enchanting Colours
These Cobwebber Brooms are crafted with a blend of blue and lavender hues, ensuring that each broom is a unique piece of craftsmanship. The enchanting colors not only elevate the aesthetic appeal but also infuse a touch of magic and making your rituals beautifying experience.

Artistry in Every Bristle
Crafted with care, the broomcorn is hand-dyed to infuse each bristle with vibrant shades of blue and lavender. The result is a stunning work of art where every detail, from the loving stitching to the intricate adornments, contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Ancient Protection and Magic
Beyond their captivating appearance, these Cobwebber Brooms are anointed with an ancient iron solution for protection. The addition of belladonna near the base imparts magical properties, creating a broom that not only cleanses but also brings a touch of 'flying' energy to your spiritual practices and rituals.

Handles of Prosperity
The handles are elegantly finished with a handmade Roman beeswax, combining natural beeswax and bayberry wax. This unique blend is believed to invite prosperity, luck, and positive energy into the home. With each sweep, you engage in a ritual that transcends the mundane, inviting abundance into your sacred space.

Elevate your cleaning experience with our Cobwebber Brooms in Blue and Lavender – a perfect blend of color, functionality, and magic.

Please note, due to their handmade nature, each besom broom varies slightly in appearance, including color and height. This ensures that your besom is as unique as your spiritual practice. As a result, the brooms you receive may differ in appearance from what is shown in photos.

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